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Today’s work space: Sadly, I can’t focus too much on any new paper cuts today because I’ve got an exam tomorrow. (Taken with instagram)

Working away! I quite like Mondays because I feel so motivated and optimistic about the rest of the week.

A commissioned piece I’m working on after four and a half hours of cutting.

Wrecked posture brought to you by paper cutting.

Today’s workspace: (Taken with instagram)

Made this “Don’t Force It” paper cut as a very late birthday gift for a dear friend.

I’ve been quite slow and inconsistent with my posting but that has been for good reason. I am working several projects for some things that I’ll post more about later, some pieces that I’m being commissioned to do and have also been very busy with studying and the like. I’m going to be updating this more frequently or at least as frequently as I can, so be on the look out!

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Passez une bonne journée!


Sneak peek of a new piece. I’m finally getting caught up. (Taken with instagram)