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Ah, I’m really going to get the hang of updating this frequently one of these days. I just know it. For now, I thought I’d make a quick post to mention a few things:

  • If you do wish to keep up with me and my work and the pieces I’ve been/will be working on lately, I do update my Instagram (<—click on link or look up Carolineegeland) and Facebook (<—click link) much more frequently!
  • I’ve been in the slow process of sketching out a ton of new papercuts and sorting through new ideas. I’ve got a big project in order next year and many smaller ones to work through until then (which I don’t intend to spoil by giving anything away too early!) so you can expect the beginning of a whole new series in the months to come!
  • Although otherwise the shop is quite bare, you may buy prints of “Don’t Force It” here.
  • Unfortunately, the opening of my Etsy shop has been postponed as I have been keeping myself considerably busy with aforementioned projects. Do check back often for updates as that should be up and running soon!

If you’ve any questions for me about my work or if you’d like to get in touch with me to inquire about my commission work or collaborations, email me at If you’d like to join the mailing list to stay up to date on details about the shops and receive exclusive offers and giveaways, email

That’s all for now. I thank you all for following my blog, spreading the word about my work and for the many kind words I’ve received from an overwhelming amount of people. I hope you have a really nice weekend!

Bénédictions et l’amour!

xCaroline Egeland


I noticed that my links weren’t working. They’re all better now and are now located in the same sections as “Archive” and “RSS” but, while I’m at it, I’ll include them here: