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Please take a minute (actually 33 seconds) to listen to this recording of “Bury Your Face In Your Hands” written by the vastly brilliant Mark Strand and read by me. 

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"Bound" written and read by Caroline Egeland

Happened upon a blackout poem I made in 2011 and decided to record it.

An unfinished papercut.

Me and some of my work in my sloppy studio.

Prints coming soon!

I’m in the process of preparing to have prints made of several of my illustrations, papercuttings and wood drawings. I will not be making a print of every image but would be more than happy to make a print of any piece of mine that you’d like upon request! If there is a piece of mine that you’d like to buy a print of, go ahead and shoot me a message!


Alice Neel

"When I was in my studio I didn’t give a damn what sex I was… I thought art is art"


"I don’t paint like a woman is supposed to paint. Thank God, art doesn’t bother about things like that.


"I thought you had to give up a lot for art, and you did. It required complete concentration. It also required that whatever money you had had to be put into art materials."


"It’s a privilege, you know, to paint and it takes up a lot of time and it means there’s a lot of things you don’t do. But still, with me, painting was more than a profession, it was also an obsession. I had to paint."

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